Same-Day Dentistry with CEREC Primemill

CEREC Primemill

Welcome to Santa Ynez Valley Dental, where Dr. James Morelli, DDS, leads a dental practice committed to revolutionizing your dental experience through cutting-edge digital technology. At the heart of our commitment to modern dentistry is the CEREC Primemill, a state-of-the-art milling machine that complements our advanced approach. In conjunction with the CEREC Primescan, the most advanced intraoral scanning system available, we bring unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and speed to your dental treatments.

The Dentsply Sirona CEREC Primemill milling machine is a state-of-the-art chairside milling system with the capability to fabricate high-precision dental restorations directly in the dental office. This milling machine streamlines the traditional multi-step process, allowing for the creation of restorations, such as zirconia crowns and veneers, in a single patient visit. The integrated Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology in CEREC Primemill eliminates the need for physical impressions.

The CEREC Primescan’s precise and accurate 3D digital impressions of the patient’s dentition serve as a guide for Primemill’s high-speed milling technology as it precisely carves out the restoration. The versatile CEREC system seamlessly integrates both wet and dry grinding techniques, offering practitioners unprecedented flexibility in material processing. Wet grinding extends to a broad range of materials, including glass and hybrid ceramics, and facilitates the preservation of intricate surface details, ensuring the highest quality restorations. This wet milling technology enhances the overall surface finish, contributing to restoration aesthetics and precision. The digital-to-physical transition ensures that the end result mirrors the intricacies of the virtual design.



Speed and Efficiency
Super fast milling mode for quick and efficient fabrication of dental restorations. Improved and fast grinding mode expedites the production of crowns and bridges.

Precision and Accuracy
Advanced milling tools ensure precise and accurate restoration designs. High-resolution scanning and wet grinding capabilities ensure a tight fit and optimal function of dental prosthetics. Outstanding restoration margins that meet the highest standards of modern dentistry.

Compatibility with a variety of dental material options, including zirconia, composite resins, feldspar ceramics, glass ceramics, and hybrid ceramics. Ability to mill a broad range of restorations, from crowns and bridges to inlays and onlays.

Automation and Workflow Integration
Automation features to streamline the milling process and minimize manual interventions. Integration with digital impression systems for a seamless and efficient workflow.

Patient-Focused Aesthetics
Advanced milling strategies to create aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking dental restorations. Customization options for shade matching and restoration design to meet patient expectations.


CEREC Primemill Machine


What Does CEREC Primemill Do?

The new CEREC Primemill milling machine is a state-of-the-art milling machine designed for dental restorations. It starts by digitally scanning a patient’s teeth using the CEREC Primescan, creating precise 3D impressions. Utilizing CAD/CAM, the system designs custom restorations, and the high-speed milling function then carves them out from a broad range of material blocks like high-quality glass ceramics, traditional and hybrid ceramics, or composite resins. This efficient process allows for same-day fabrication of crowns, bridges, and other restorations, eliminating the need for multiple appointments and providing patients with accurately fitted, quality dental solutions in a single visit. The CEREC Primemill sets a streamlined workflow with precision and versatility in handling various materials, making it the rule and the exception in modern dentistry.


Dentsply Sirona CEREC Primemill

Dentsply Sirona CEREC Primemill is used in creating high-quality and customized:

CEREC Primemill - Crowns
Efficiently mills dental crowns, allowing for same-day crown placement without the need for multiple appointments.
CEREC Primemill - Bridges
Fast milling function for dental bridges, providing a streamlined solution for the restoration of multiple missing teeth.
Inlays and Onlays:
Creates inlays and onlays for conservative repair of damaged or decayed teeth, preserving more natural tooth structure.
CEREC Primemill - Veneers
Crafts veneers to enhance the appearance of teeth, addressing cosmetic concerns and improving smiles.
CEREC Primemill - Restoration
Dental Implant Restoration
Produces restorations for dental implants with precision, ensuring a secure fit and optimal function.
CEREC Primemill - Aesthetic Customization
Aesthetic Customization:
Allows for customization of restoration designs and shade matching to achieve both functional and aesthetically pleasing results.

CEREC Primemill Benefits for Patients


Time Efficiency:

Same-day dentistry means patients can receive crowns, veneers, or other prosthetics in a single visit, saving time compared to traditional methods that require multiple appointments.


Reduced Discomfort:

Minimized chair time and quicker procedures contribute to reduced discomfort and inconvenience for patients, making their dental experience more pleasant.


Avoidance of Temporary Restorations:

Eliminates the need for temporary restorations, as the CEREC Primemill milling machine enables the creation and placement of permanent prosthetics in one appointment.


Precision Fit:

Dentsply Sirona Advanced Milling Technology used combined wet and dry milling to ensure a precise fit for restorations, enhancing comfort and functionality for patients.


Aesthetically Pleasing Results:

The ability to customize restoration designs and match shades provides aesthetically pleasing results, improving the overall appearance of the patient’s smile.


Minimized dental Anxiety:

Same-day procedures and reduced chair time can contribute to a decrease in dental anxiety for some patients, as they spend less time in the dental chair.


Conservative Treatment Options:

The CEREC Primemill milling machine allows for the creation of inlays and onlays, providing more conservative treatment options that preserve natural tooth structure.


Fewer Appointments:

Patients appreciate the convenience of requiring fewer dental appointments for certain restorations and other routine tasks, accommodating their busy schedules.


Personalized Treatment:

Customization options enable personalized treatment plans, addressing each patient’s unique needs and preferences.


Improved Overall Experience:

The combination of time efficiency, precision, and aesthetic considerations contributes to an improved overall experience and complete peace of mind for patients undergoing restorative dental procedures.

CEREC Primemill Future

The Future of Dentistry with CEREC Primemill

Modern dentistry has witnessed a revolutionary transformation with the advent of the Dentsply Sirona CEREC Primemill milling machine and its partner CEREC devices. Patients stand to gain significantly from this cutting-edge technology. The advantages extend beyond streamlined procedures, touching upon crucial aspects such as time savings, enhanced comfort, and the assurance of receiving high-quality restorations. The system introduces a new era of comfort, transparency, and high-quality restorations, ensuring that patients not only save time but also experience a positive shift in their overall dental care journey.

As the new CEREC Primemill continues to shape the future of restorative dentistry, it embodies a transformative force, empowering practitioners like Dr. Morelli to deliver exceptional patient-centric care while embracing the forefront of technological innovation in the dental field. With its versatility, precision, and seamless practice integration into digital workflows, the CEREC Primemill stands at the forefront of chairside, setting a new standard for efficiency, customization, and excellence in dental restoration and maintenance procedures.