Same Day Crowns with CEREC Primescan

At Santa Ynez Valley Dental, led by Dr. James Morelli, DDS, we take pride in providing 3D CAD CAM cutting-edge digital technology to redefine your dental experience. We bid farewell to the old methods where conventional and goopy dental impressions are taken, temporary crowns are placed, and patients wait three weeks to receive their final restorations.
In stark contrast, we use CEREC Primescan – the most advanced intraoral scanning system on the market today.  This is a  3D design system that provides outstanding accuracy, speediness, and efficacy, allowing Dr. Morelli to scan a single tooth or arch, CAD CAM design restorations, mill the restoration(s), and cement them in place the same day.  Our office also uses Cerec 3D scan digital impressions for models, dentures, orthodontics, nightguards, special appliance therapy like sleep apnea, and patient consultations.

Cerec Primescan

Special Features

High-Speed Scanning:
Detailed 3D images of the oral structures are taken quickly.

Exceptional Accuracy:
Precision in capturing the fine details of the teeth and surrounding tissues leads to better-fitting restorations.

Full Color Scanning:
Comprehensive representation of the patient’s oral condition, aiding in diagnostics and treatment planning.

Real-Time Feedback:
Immediate assessment of the captured data, ensuring that any necessary adjustments can be made promptly.

Uses of Cerec Primescan


Cerec Primescan - Digital Impression
Digital Impressions:
Highly accurate digital impressions of a patient’s teeth and oral structures. This eliminates the need for traditional, messy impression materials and provides a more comfortable experience for the patient.
Cerec Primescan - Restoration Design
Restoration Design
Used for the design of dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers. The software allows dentists to create precise and customized restorations tailored to the patient’s specific needs.
Cerec Primescan - Single Visit Dentistry
Single-Visit Dentistry:
With the digital impressions and on-site milling capabilities, some restorations and choices of dental materials may vary and can be designed and fabricated in the dental office during the patient’s appointment, reducing the need for multiple visits.
Cerec Primescan - Orthodontic Application
Orthodontic Applications:
Primescan can be used in orthodontics when planning and monitoring orthodontic treatments. It aids in the creation of clear aligners, retainers, and other orthodontic appliances.
Cerec Primescan - Implant Planning
Implant Planning:
The detailed 3D images help dentists assess bone density, plan the optimal implant placement, and design custom implant-supported restorations.
Cerec Primescan - Treatment Planning
Treatment Planning and Communication:
Digital files can be easily shared for collaborative treatment planning, allowing for more efficient and highly accurate data.
Cerec Primescan - Patient Education
Patient Education:
Patients can see detailed 3D models of their teeth and explain treatment options more visually, enhancing patient understanding and involvement in their dental care.
Cerec Primescan - Follow-up and Patient Monitoring
Follow-up and Patient Monitoring:
The technology allows for easy comparison of high-precision digital impressions over time, making it useful for tracking changes in a patient’s oral health and monitoring the effectiveness of dental treatments.
Advantages of Cerec Primescan


Time-Saving Efficiency
Time-Saving Efficiency:
Avoiding the inconvenience of multiple appointments and temporary restorations.  The entire dental process, from digital scan to restoration bonding, is completed in just one visit.
Precision and High-Quality Restorations
Precision and High-Quality Restorations:
CAD/CAM technology ensures a precise fit for restorations, leading to superior aesthetics and functionality.  The restoration is tailored to the patient’s unique bite and facial features, guaranteeing optimal results.
Enhanced Patient Comfort
Enhanced Patient Comfort:
The digital fog-free scanning process eliminates the need for messy impression materials.
The Future

The Future

CEREC Primescan has carved a path of innovation in digital dentistry. It represents a transformative leap in modern dental practice, revolutionizing the traditional workflow and setting new standards in restorative dentistry. Known for delivering outstanding accuracy in digital impressions, which is a crucial aspect of its design and functionality, the high-resolution imaging capabilities of its intraoral camera, efficient real-time data processing, and adaptive scanning technology have collectively transformed the digital impression process. Its compatibility with CEREC software and user-friendly interface has streamlined treatment planning, while the seamless integration of CAD/CAM technology has brought about same-day dentistry.

The impact of CEREC Primescan on modern dentistry is profound. It has transcended traditional methods, offering practitioners and patients alike a more efficient, comfortable, and precise dental practice experience. The shift from messy, traditional impressions to quick and accurate digital scans has not only saved time but has also improved the overall quality of restorations. CEREC Primescan has become a symbol of the digital transformation occurring in dental practices globally. The artificial intelligence touch-enabled system not only elevates the accuracy of digital impressions but also enhances the overall efficiency of the restorative process.

As we anticipate future developments and trends, CEREC Primescan is poised to maintain its pivotal role in the digital dental landscape. Its adaptability to evolving technologies and commitment to precision suggests a continued relevance in the ever-changing world of digital dentistry. Whether it’s through updates in software, integration with emerging technologies, or expanded applications, CEREC Primescan is at the forefront of shaping the future of oral care.

The journey toward maximizing technology and improving care at Santa Ynez Valley Dental doesn’t end with CEREC Primescan; it merely sets the stage for an exciting future where digital dentistry continues to push boundaries and redefine the standard of care. As technologies evolve and intraoral scanning takes new strides, all patients and doctors can look forward to an era where precision, efficiency, and patient-centric care converge for the betterment of oral health worldwide.