What is the best Halloween candy for your teeth?

best candy for teeth

Let’s start with the Worst Halloween Candy for Your Teeth!

Some Halloween candies are worse for your teeth than others.

The worst Halloween candies for your teeth are ones which contain the most cavity-contributing acids namely:

  1. Sour Candies
  2. Chewy Candies
  3. Hard & Nutty Candies

These types of Halloween candy tend to stick to your teeth for longer periods of time, or might lead to chipped or broken teeth.

It’s best to serve – and indulge in – these sticky, chewy, hard Halloween candies sparingly.

And if you do choose to eat some of the worst Halloween candies for your teeth, make sure you rinse with water immediately after you finish.

After eating some of these sticky sweets, you can fight off those cavity-causing creeps with good ‘ol fashioned H20 – but don’t brush your teeth right away!

Wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after eating.

So, What Is The Best Halloween Candy for Your Teeth?

Chocolate…preferably dark chocolate, it contains less sugar than milk chocolate!

Chocolate doesn’t stick to your teeth as much as some of the other sticky, chewy Halloween candies.

The ADA says chocolate is probably your best bet, which is good because it’s also the most popular kind of candy handed out on Halloween.